Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday's Post

NOTE - I wanted to post this on Saturday night, but couldn't find a computer in the hotel. So, just pretend this was written Saturday night and you are reading this Saturday night or Sunday morning (and as always, please ignore my grammar/tense issues). Thanks.

Sometimes I do things because I want good karma. I know, it's really selfish, but it's the truth. So when I learned that it was the last swimming event for KEEN, I figured if I go volunteer, I will have better karma with the world to have a full triathlon on Sunday (vs. the dreaded du-athlon). Well, I got to the pool and there were tons of volunteers. I talked to the head of the program (and fellow triathlete) and he thanked me for coming, wished me luck on my race and said I could go. Sweet!

I picked up Rose, packed up Marcus with her stuff and headed to my place to get Blain and my stuff. Well, as we were packing up the car, I turned too quickly and smacked my right bicep directly into the dumpster (which is next to my parking spot). I immediately let a few choice words fly that would have made a sailor blush. O.U.C.H!! (NOTE - This is how it looked as of this morning. Taking a picture of your own right arm, through a mirror is hard. Also, still O.U.C.H!!)

Well, okay, so much for karma. But we made it down to Richmond with no problems. There were a few direction issues which I blame on Google, not me or Rose. All is looking good for a full triathlon on Sunday.

Except for the thunderstorms that are predicted...

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