Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yes, that's right, 56 miles. On Blain. Today. Woo-Hoo!! And it's not Brooke's fault! Well, actually, it still kind of is because Brooke let Karen and I know we are around the same bike speed... so really, it is still Brooke's fault. He he he

Anyway, the HIP (Half Iron (distance training) program) group decided to tag along on a ride in Cambridge, MD for the Eagleman 70.3 bike course. My last 2 rides were around 30 miles but hilly so I hoped 56 and flat would be okay. And it was!!! I was so happy I made the decision to stick to 56 miles. I almost dropped to the 37 option because it was so incredibly windy. I mean white caps on the water, am worried about being blown over, windy. But, it wasn't too bad, the entire time.

And the best part, the people I rode with. There were 5 of us who broke off to our own pace and I definitely went harder than I would have by my self. At times it was tough to keep up, but overall, it was good to push my self. Also, we matched. I mean, really matched. All in DC Tri jerseys, black shorts, and pink accessories. I guess we were a site turning corners in our pace line :-) Karen posted this an the quote was "Mother's Day ride in Cambridge...the ride isn't official without a Facebook foto. J and S changed before we took this, but during the ride we all 5 had on the same outfit."

And the worst part - applying spay sunblock in the wind. I will leave it at that...

OH, I almost forgot - a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Janel for her LONGEST RIDE EVER!! WOOT!!! You Rock!!


Anonymous said...

I hope the guys weren't wearing pink.

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

We were wearing the tri club jerseys - and pick accessories. 2 girls had pink jackets around their waists (it was cold when we started), 2 of us had pink water bottles, and the other one had something pink.

Janel B said...

I can only hope my next 56 mile ride doesn't feel as long!

(Although Jeanne deserves a gold medal for going from a 30 mile ride as her longest to an unintended 67 mile ride!)