Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Silly Rain

Stupid stupid stupid rain. It was raining last night and that put the thought of not biking in my head. Sure enough, I woke up, it looked wet, my bed was comfortable, so I went back to sleep - for 2 and a half more hours. I missed ME, and a few others - but the sleep was worth it.

The rest of the day was a bit crazy. Long meetings, stupid people; a typical day. I took my lunch around 5:30 for a quick run before a 7 o'clock meeting. Not a good idea. You know sometimes workouts make you feel better - this one did not.

It was just a crummy run. I could blame it on the right foot, the knee pain, my legs were tired (which I can only assume it is still from the 56 mile ride) - but basically, I just haven't been running and it shows. I am more than concerned about my Oly tri this weekend in Richmond. That's a 10K run!! And the worst part, they are talking about turning it into a Du (run bike run).

Oh well, there isn't much I can do now, just be smart.

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