Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Need A Better Story

I am still tired from Sunday's race. Really!! Stupid running. My homemade sugar free vanilla lattes are not longer doing the trick. I really think more sleep is needed! Has anyone figured out how to make it a 30 hour day?

Anyway, yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day so I went for a run on The Mall. I was hoping to go with Charles, however he had a meeting, then I had a meeting, so I had to go on my own. It was okay, a bit slow because I got stopped at a lot of lights in the beginning, but not too bad.

Today I went to ATL for lunch instead of weights class. And Dad - it was to return stuff, not more shopping! Plus, I knew I would be swimming so it seemed like the correct choice.

I got to the pool and was just tired. I don't think I ever really woke up today... I hopped in, start to swim and never really found my stroke/rhythm. A warm up, then one of the sets was 3 x 200 kick with fins. Sweet! It's been years since I used fins! Unfortunately, about 150 into the first 200 - HUGE FOOT CRAMP!! I asked Hugh, the guy who wrote the workout, what to do and he said pull. So, while everyone as able to enjoy fins, I used a pull buoy :-(

But, my goal was 2500 yds today and I got in 3000 so I am happy.

Of course, the number one question was "What happened to your arm??" I never did come up with a better story than the truth - I ran into a dumpster. It is kind of fun to see peoples reactions.

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Emily said...

You should tell them that someone tried to take your bike, you two exchanged punches and he got you hard in the arm/shoulder but didn't take the bike. Does that sound convincing? The color change is quite interesting.