Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Satruday Morning

This was, again, another great Saturday morning. It started off me being a whiny b*tch. There was a cue sheet I really didn't want to do. Lots of turns, in neighborhoods, and just not change to "go". But, I was (luckily) talked into doing the cue sheet with the group. And I am glad I did.

It was challenging. Very challenging. The first "hill" at mile 4 was worse than any hill I can remember. And I am not exaggerating. People who have never walked up a hill, got off and walked. I was going 2.9 mph at one point and new if I didn't go harder, I would fall over. Remember, this is mile 4. Of a 30 mile ride.

But the rest was good. I rode with a few people, including Karen and Rose. And I met some new people too, and even talked them into brunch at my favorite bagel shop. Yummm... everything bagel with hummus and veggies.

To our surprise, there was a little fair thing going on so Rose and I went to check it out. Something to do with mothers, but the important thing was there were CUPCAKES! Nothing says "YAY Amanda for riding 30 hilly miles" than cupcakes.

And Rose was good and didn't get one. So I got two for myself. I couldn't pass up the sparkles.

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