Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speedy Thursday

That is Thursday's new name. Speedy Thursday.


Blame Charles!! Remember back a few weeks (okay, months) ago when we did speed work on the treadmill? Well, it's back. Charles is hard core and it very helpful to have someone so positive to run with, especially on the treadmill. He can run really fast, and I can, well, go to the best of my ability.

The workout goes like this:
5 minute warm up, 35 seconds fast, 30 seconds easy - for 25 minutes, or the minimum of 20 rounds. The issue was I went to slow for the first 10. But, even after I started to push my self, I really felt a good workout. It's something I hope we can work into a schedule - whenever Charles is around. Because really, we know I won't do that on my own.

And why the Speedy G pic? Becuase I love the saying! It's something I feel all the time.

Oh, and finally - Charles and I didn't totally match today. Both darker shorts with gray-ish tops, but not too matchie match.

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