Thursday, May 14, 2009


M.E. and I had the best intentions of biking this morning. Woke up a 5:45, just in time for the weather report. Of course, the radar showed all green around the DC metro area. Not cool, not cool at all. So ME and I texted and I chickened out. I just don't like biking in the rain and don't want Blain to get all rusty before Sunday. So, since we were up, we said we would run on our own (the accountability factor always helps). I get get dressed, ready to head out and start looking for my shoes. Cr*p. My running shoes are at the office. Dagnabit!!

So I did the only wise thing to do in this situation, go back to bed.

Now I will run at lunch and go to yoga after work. I mean really, it's not that big of a deal as I am in a taper week... (And you can taper even though you really haven't worked out hard... right???)

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