Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday's Post

I had this written in my head, just didn't get a chance to sit down and write it. I will try to do better this week :-)

I met up with the HIPsters for another great ride. My major concern was Blain (and not riding for 2 weeks). He was a bit mad at me for 1. racing in the rain and 2. not cleaning him soon after... My bad!
Anyway, I got to Glen Echo early to ride around the parking lot to make sure Blain would make it through the 30+ hills I was about to do. There were a few issues, but I knew he would be okay. It also helped that I heard running water, went to find it, and found this beautiful bridge and flowing stream. There is just something about water that calms me.
Anyway, the ride was great with 4 awesome women. 31.3 miles of pure hills baby!!

After the ride, I headed over to Conte's to finally get the proper equipment for my shoes. Of course, there were DC Tri people there so the trip was a bit longer than expected. The good news was I talked to the manager and dropped Blain off for a much needed tune up. As much as I miss him, I know he is in good hands and will thank me later when he is nice and clean with his new chain - and anything else they think is needed.

I ran a bunch of errands the rest of the day (including taking Marcus for a tune up - i.e. oil change) and before I knew it, the time was way past my bed time and I needed rest for Sunday's planned activities.

Overall, a really good Saturday.

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