Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Quite Like Yesterday

Molly and I tired, but not so successfully.

We got a slow start to the morning and tried to go hiking. After a quick trip to Boulder falls, we were off for a more challenging hike. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different idea. It never rained where we were, but there were a ton of black clouds all around us and wasn't the best idea to go hiking. So, we drove around for more beautiful views of the mountains.

Molly was a bit tired so as she napped, I headed to Boulder Beer. To my unpleasant surprise, they were not serving alcohol or beer because they lost their license for 3 days. Figures. Get rained out on my hike without rain and went to a beer tour without being able to sample beer.

After those not-so-great moments today, Molly and I decided on a small bike tour and to try 1 more brewery, Twisted Pine Brewing. They were open, serving beer, and it was happy hour - so the sampler we went. All 15.
Might I remind you all that we biked there...
And eventually did make it back to Molly's...

(Dad, I hope you are proud :-)

Tomorrow I head back to DC. I am hoping to get in a good hike before I head to the airport. Hopefully Mother Nature will allow it this time.

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