Friday, December 17, 2010

I Should Have Worn the Power Balance Bracelet

As I mentioned in the previous week+ long catch up post, the past Sunday's spin class deserved a blog post of its own.

This was week two of 3 hour spin and it was needed as I ate a lot on Friday and Saturday. Plus, I had dinner plans on Sunday night so I knew I needed to burn the calories.

Karen, Janie and I made our way to the chatty corner and got all set up. I just use the baskets because I am too cheap to buy another pair of bike shoes and cleats just for spin class, so set up is pretty easy for me. Also, the bikes seemed a bit closer than normal and I was worried about my right armpit being in Janie's face. In fact, that was going to be the title of the post "I Am Worried About My Right Armpit Smell". But Janie didn't seem concerned and we were on our way to 3 hours of spin fun.

Rob does a great job of making the time fly by with sets by songs and other things to distract us. Last week was 2 truths and a lie (where you tell 2 things about yourself that are true and 1 that is a lie. If the class does not guess the lie, you all have to sprint for 15 seconds. Mine were about falling over). This week was 'clean' jokes.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time concentrating on having good bike form and keeping my heels down as Rob tells us what to do. So in addition to adjusting the tension to mimic a hills or flats, we also stand at times.

So remember, I am in baskets (not cleated shoes), concentrating on heels down, and sometimes standing. Can you see where this is going? About 2 hours and 30 minutes into class, we were standing, I was thinking about heels down, and slip - out went my left foot from the basket and tumble to the right I went. Luckily, the bikes were close so I just caught myself on Janie's bike and pushed myself back up, slyly look around to see if anyone saw me.

Of course, Janie and Karen start laugh and said something like "Did you just do what I think you did???"
Me. "SSSHHHHH!!!! No one saw!"

All and all, I was okay. I had a pretty decent bump on the top of my left foot, and a bit of swelling. I must have hit it on the top of the pedal as I fell to the right.

But yeah, it was pretty funny. Who falls on a stationary bike? Okay, apparently I do. And no, I was not wearing my Power Balance bracelet - but I will be this coming Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Almost as good as hitting yourself in the head with the hammer.

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

Any chance you get, huh dad?

Well, it's a good thing I do love that story!!