Friday, January 30, 2009

Actually Pretty Good

Today started off pretty, blah. Not good, not bad, just - a day. I went to whine to Charles, how I often do, to ask to tell me to go to the gym. It worked, and he decided to go for a run with me. Now Charles runs about twice as fast as I do, but we figured we would start out together.

It was actually good to have someone to go with. My heart rate started pretty low even though it was a bit faster than I normally start off - but could keep conversation going.

Here's the down side. We matched. Both had lighter blue long shirts, dark pants/shorts - just too matchie match for me. When I mentioned this to Charles, he said "Oh, I left my camera upstairs". Riigghhtt... Those of you who know me, know I like to coordinate my outfits, but HATE matchie match outfits, and DESPISE couples/workout partners/whoever who wear matching outfits. I mean, Charles and I are super cute (see this older pic of us - and he is in a relationship), but not when we matchie match.

Anyway, the run was really good with a finish up Capital Hill that was easier than expected. Few walks. Decent average heart rate. And the best, little knee and foot pain. YAY!!

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Charles said...

The girls in the fitness center downstairs apparently always match. I noticed they were all wearing pink today, and asked if it was something about breast cancer awareness. "No," they said, "Mondays we always wear pink."