Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not A Bad Start

Well, January 4th is a good day to start the new year, right? This morning I got up and actually went on a 3 mile run. I am in the schedule for the 10 mile run in April, so I had to get started. It was a pretty day, high 30's, and went long the Potomac River. Not the best run - pretty slow. I would like to blame it on all the eating out I did the past few days with my guests - but I think it's more the not doing much of anything for the past 4 months. However, keeping with my "Choices" theme, I know I am not a fast runner and I chose to run. Therefore, I chose the consequences I know will come along with my attempt at running. Hopefully it will get better, as I don't think it can get much worse - famous last words, right???

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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