Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belated B-day Wish!

I realized that last week I missed a birthday wish.

I complain about someone quite a bit. She makes me get up at (and often before) the crack of dawn. She pushes me to go faster, take chances biking on hills and has introduced me to awesome new friends. And I blame her for almost everything :-) But, I have said it before, during my IM training, she helped me more than I can ever explain - especially on the bike. Without her, I really don't think my bike portion would have gone as well as it did in September.

When I started looking around, I realized I don't have any pictures of her... But Brooke, I hope you had a very wonderful birthday! And sorry this is so late!

EDIT - I remembered a picture I have of Brooke. A few were sent to me, but this is my favorite.

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