Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rock. Out.

Some of you may have noticed a theme recently about my workouts - they are not centered around swimming, biking, or running. I am on the quest for challenges, outside the box exertion. Some people refer to this as "a bunch of excuses to not work out" and to them, I stick my tongue out and say "WHATEVER".

But last night, I had a great workout. Doing what you ask... playing Guitar Hero, World Tour!! My totally awesome family got me Guitar Hero for my birthday.

And how is this a workout you ask - 3 fold
1. I completely tighten my body when I am concentrating. My hamstrings are a little tight today. Don't judge.
2. My left hand - dang. My fingers are permanently cramped up like the claw. That can only help for biking when shifting and breaking.
3. Dancing around only makes you ROCK better - but it doesn't do well for my score.


Okay, maybe I will go to the gym tomorrow.

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