Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Sore, but Yoga Helped

Well, I am still sore from my Crossfit class. Dang, my lats - it's a bit difficult to raise my arms over my head, which makes putting my hair into a pony tail a bit more challenging. I was going to take today off of working out, but did you know January 24 was Yoga Day USA? I missed the memo too. Anyway, Janel is always talking about the yoga classes at our gym and they were offering a free class to day in honor of Yoga Day.

I have to say, it definitely helped. It also confirmed my tight hip flexors. And hamstrings. And back/lats. And calf muscles. There was one move where we had to sit kind of like child's pose, but with our toes curled under. The instructor said runners and cyclists won't like the pose. At first I was thinking to my self, well I am not a runner/cyclists because this doesn't hurt. 3 seconds later - OUCH! But in the good way.

So I liked it. I might pick up a pass and go back a few times. It's a nice change.

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