Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rahm Sighting, Take 2

This morning came way too fast! My first reaction when the alarm goes off is to roll over, e-mail/text to say I am not swimming, and go back to bed. Instead, I rolled out of bed, squeezed into my suit (definitely at way to much last night) and headed to the pool.

It was one of those mornings where the only 2 open lanes were the "Very Fast Lane" and the "Family Circle/Slow" lane. I figured with 3-4 people, VFL was a better bet. But, it was 5:45 and no one else was there. I start my warm up and Karen came. We determined this would be her regular start time because getting up before 5 am works for NO ONE. And a bit later R came (I didn't ask if I could use her name yet). But no Brooke. She missed out on
1. A great workout
and 2. Another sighting of Rahm.
He was in the lane next to us, again :-) Karen saw him jump in, and I of course missed it. So the 3 of us are swimming along and I am convinced I will miss seeing him get out of the pool. But, during a pull set, around the time we estimated he would get out; he stopped, hopped out, threw his pull buoy into the bin, took off his goggles, glared at the girl staring at him (me), and headed out to the locker room. Sweet! Rahm totally gave me the evil eye!!!
And why did he give me the evil eye?? Not because I was staring, but because I was faster. He didn't know it, but we raced. I pushed off after him on a 200, passed him, and remained ahead of him the rest of my lengths. Yup, I am faster than Rahm!!!! HA!

Towards the end of the workout, super fast people came and we decided it was best if we hopped out and took over a different lane (the problem with swimming in the VFL). The (really slow) guy wasn't happy and complained about the 3 of us jumping in. Whatever, the Y has some R-U-D-E people. R laid down the rules about 5 max to a lane, which I found great at 6:45. He did not.

So that was my workout. I had to run to drop off my dry cleaning except there was a huge traffic issue and some cop wouldn't let me get back to my apartment! We started to argue about how I could get to my place without going on Connecticut, where the 'suspicious package/van' was located. Not good to argue with a cop, I know, but I was totally 100% correct. I think he just was tired of me and let me through (and I had no problems - aka, I was right).

And instead of sitting down on the couch after my shower; I made my coffee, bagel, and headed right to work. No morning nap for me!

I am going to fade very quickly… and possibly look like this guy around 2 this afternoon. Except in black pants, a green sweater, and shoulder length curly brown hair.

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