Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Degrees is COLD

Sometimes meeting with people to workout is a good idea. Others not so much. Not so much because I wanted to stay in bed, where it was nice and warm, and my body is so completely sore from yesterday's workout. However, Rose said she would meet me and didn't respond to my "Are we still meeting?" text, so I showed up. And she was there. And it was 25 degrees.

Here are the good things.
It was beautiful!! Sunny, clear, no wind.
I made it out of bed and did something.
I got more tips on how to do snot rockets because Rose is a PRO at them.

That's all I am going to focus on. It wasn't a great run, my foot really hurt, it was 25 degrees, I haven't done much of anything in 2 weeks, and I am so sore from yesterday.

But I went, I am glad I did, and Rose and I celebrated with brunch :-)

And now my body is even more sore.

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