Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guess Who I Swam With...

Yes, Brooke. And yes, Karen. And yes, a very cranky old man who was not happy when Karen and I jumped into the lane and asked if we could circle swim. And that cranky old man was even more upset when Brooke got in (she was a tad late but it was raining and all the news stations were talking about school closings. Yes, I did say rain).

But, Rahm Emanuel was in the lane next to us!!! Now, I am not going to say that I recognized him, Karen did. However looking at his picture and my cloudy vision through chlorine hazed eyes and goggles, I can believe it was him. As you may notice on his Wikipedia page, it says "Emanuel trains for and participates in Triathlons", which includes swimming. Who knew he would be at our Y!! Woot!! And to be honest, I really do want to see Fenty and Emanuel go head to head at Nations. Doubtful, but a girl can dream.

The workout was good, but I felt off. It hurt much more than it should have. I got home, took a shower and put some spare change in the bags under my eyes. They were HUGE! So, i decided to lay down and take a quick 20 minute cat nap. That turned into an hour and I was almost late for work. Oh well, I have my cardio in for the day and will take the weights class at lunch.

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Janel B said...

Nothing quite like a celebrity sighting at 5:30 am!

And I bet Fenty would totally kick Emanuel's ass in a race.