Thursday, February 5, 2009



Not too much exciting is going on - which I am okay with, but makes for a boring blog.

Yesterday I had a really good weights and abs class. I have been a bit disappointed in the ones at the gym, but this one was pretty good. And instead of going to spin class last night, ME and I went for drinks and a quick dinner to celebrate vindication in the private sector. People who don't do their jobs get let go. Not that you ever want to see someone lose their jobs, especially in this economy - however when they don't do what they are paid to do... karma will bite ya in the you know where

I woke up this morning feeling something I haven't felt in a long time - soreness. Yay!

However, I still needed to get a run in, and it being 20 degrees outside, treadmill it was. And who better to spend quality time on a treadmill with... Charles! As we headed to the gym, we discussed our outfits to make sure we weren't too matchie match again - even though I think he really wanted to match again so I would blog about him - and make one of my famous "paint" drawings of us matching...

Unfortunately, everyone decided to hit the gym at the same time. After 12 minuets on a stationary bike, then a treadmill opened up. Finally, the one next to me opened and Charles hopped on. He made a miserable run soooo much better. I was having a tough time, but when he was running twice as fast as I was, said 2 more minutes, I went 2 more minutes. And those 2 minutes were pretty easy. Walked a bit, and started up again. It turned out to be a pretty good run.

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