Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Should I Shower???

Today I felt a bit back on track. My eating was still a bit off (I have a slight obsession with Reese's puffs cereal) but my workouts were good. And yes, I said workoutS.

At lunch I went to weights class again. Really good, full body workout in 30 minutes. Followed by a 15 minute abs class. Charles hopped in and sat next to me. There was one move where we were on our backs moving our legs up and down (working the lower abs) with a weight in between the feet. I was a bit worried Charles was going to drop the weight on my head, we started giggling, and that just makes doing abs even harder.

And tonight I went back to spin class. Last time was good, but time was even better. I felt stronger on the bike, even doing 1 legged drills. I remember my first experience with 1 legged drills with Coach... ahhh, those were the days. Anyway, it was a really good 1 hour butt kicking workout. (WARNING DAD!!) And, my lady parts - not nearly as bad as last time :-)

So, back to the title of this post. Should I shower?? Here's the thing, I showered when I got up and after my weights/abs class. That's already 2 today. Tomorrow morning I am getting up at 5:15 to go meet up with Karen at the pool, swim, and will shower AGAIN in about 11 hours. So, that would be 4 showers in about 24 hours....

But I smell, so I am off, and off to bed.

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