Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day

I guess. Some people enjoy this holiday, okay - one person I know does. So Kristen, Happy Valentines Day!!

Otherwise, I started today as I would any other Saturday, running. A good 8 miles at around Great Falls. Sherry and Rose met up with me at the start. Sherry stuck with me for awhile, she was only doing 5 miles. I have to say, she has short little fast legs.

Anyway, the first half was good. Held a 9:1 pretty easily. On the way back, not so great. Miles 4-6 were okay. After I hit Great Falls again, it was downhill from there. Both figuratively and literally. I tried to keep running, as it was downhill, but I just couldn't. I made it back, running as much as I could, but it wasn't great.

The good news, I did 8 miles. The bad news, my right hip and left ankle really REALLY hurt. Especially my right hip. Very VERY painful.

Rose and I celebrated our run at my favorite bagel shop for hummus veggie sandwiches. Good times.

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kristenl said...

that made me laugh out loud! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!