Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday's Post

Time. Where does it go? This is Thursday's post

I got up and swam. The only reason was to see if Rahm swims on Thursday's. And because I told Karen I would be there. You can tell it's becoming tri season because the pool was super crowded at 5:45 in the morning.

I picked a lane, got in, Karen joined me - but no Rahm :-( So I don't know if had something better to do - like doing chief of staff work; or just doesn't swim Thursday mornings.

In the afternoon, I was still tight from spin the day before and just tired. Really tired. I had the deepest sleep in between swimming and heading to work. Charles stopped in to see if I was running (no) and we decided to try the yoga class. After we made sure our outfits weren't too matchie match, we headed to class.

It felt really good! Hips need a lot of work, but the hamstrings felt better. And overall did wake me up. Janel was in class as well - and she was right, the classes are pretty good. I am really hoping I can keep it up.

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