Monday, February 23, 2009

rude, Rude, RUDE

Let me set the scene.

Work gym, 1:20 pm. All 4 treadmills are full and 3 of the 4 are 7-10 minutes in, 1 with 3 minutes left on the 30 minute time limit.
I put my name on the whiteboard. I head to the stair master to warm up and notice a woman sign up after me. A few MOMENTS later, I notice SHE is on a treadmill. I look at the whiteboard and MY NAME WAS CROSSED OFF!!! I huffed on over there and ask if she crossed my name off and she said "Yes". Just like that. "Yes".
And followed it up with, "Well, no one was around." I checked the time. It was 3 minutes after I signed up, where could I have gone?!?!

Luckily the guy next to her got off so I didn't have to throw down to get my run in - but I was tempted.

About 5 minutes into my run, I had to blow my nose. Instead of getting of to grab a tissue, I just blew my nose in the sleeve of my shirt, in her direction. Her disgusted face was priceless. I just smiled and continued to sing in my head, happily trotting away on the the treadmill.

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jaydchad said...

You should have blown her a snot rocket. :)