Sunday, February 1, 2009

Congrats Pitt!!

Happy Superbowl Day!!

Yesterday was wine day so my plans didn't go as scheduled. I missed the DC tri club fun run to sleep. I guess that's what happens when you have wine day, starting in a kick butt limo at 11, with mimosas - getting up at 7 to run isn't the best idea. Oops, sorry.

Anyway, I did make it out around 12:30. It was a beautiful day and I have a 10 mile run coming up, I had to do something. Compared to Friday's run - complete opposite. Slow, high heart rate, knee/foot pain. But considering I was dehydrated and didn't have the best nutrition for a 5 mile run - I will take it.

After a nap, I headed over to Kristin's for Superbowl party #1. Later to Diane's for Superbowl party #2 - both highlighted the important moments with the people around me. Bruce with Kristin, S, and Lauren. The win with Diane and M.E. Good times.

It's a new week - hopefully I can keep up a good diet and workout schedule.

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