Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Keep Running

Yesterday was beautiful with an okay run. I know to get faster, I have to run before and that was today's plan. Except I wanted to do intervals on the treadmill, so I could gauge my speed and where I was. Unfortunately, others had the same idea and there were no treadmills open (again).

Charles was with me, again, and talked me into going outside. I wasn't dressed properly - a bit chilly for what I had on, and I would have preferred a different outfit for the public. Charles did make a good point that I would only see (overweight) tourists who couldn't run anyway. He always knows how to make me feel better. Ha!

Anyway, it started with a 10 minute warm up to the mall, Charles took off and I started some intervals. 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, 3 times. It was tough but good. Charles met up with me to tackle Capital Hill. He is just so motivating to help me up the hill.

Slow and steady. And no matching outfits ;-)

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