Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yup, I Need to Swim More

Today was the DC Tri Club swim meet. I have not had a 'swim meet' since senior year of high school, but it was really fun. Here is the downside - only swimmers go to swim meets!! So, there were people there who are all "hey, swimming is your best, you will do great" which I have to correct with "swimming is my most comfortable event". This does not mean fast.

Besides, it's all relative. In the grand population of the world, yes, I am probably pretty fast. In the grand world of triathlon, I hold my own. In the world of swimming, I am at the back of the pac. All relative.

Anyway, it was a great time. After some warming up on how to dive in and keep my goggles on, I did the 50 free (just wanted to see my time, I never was a sprinter), 400 free (totally did well on that one, for me - being a former distance swimmer and all...), 100 IM (first time I did fly in a long time, but was fun) and a few relays. I did the back in a medley relay and S stood at the edge (no blocks) and let me use his legs to pull up and get a good start. It was awesome. I love doing the backstroke start and doing the dolphin kick, on my back, underwater.

The rest the day I am preparing for the "Meatloaf Off" for The Meddlers birthday. I did not submit a meatloaf for judging, but did do a dessert. Not bad if I do say so my self...

UPDATE - I won the dessert competition!! Woo-Hoo And it was renamed from the "Fruit Pizza" (because it was too boring) to the "Milwaukee Tart". Ha!!

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