Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Carlos

Sometimes I don't know how/why he doesn't throw me off.

This morning I met up with Diane and K for a quick ride around Hains Point. They are getting ready for SheRox and I was more than happy to get a quick ride in before tomorrows race. I really wanted to make sure my back would be okay. Also, I take Carlos out for sprint races and I needed to make sure he would be okay too.

Well, we get all packed and on the road just in time for the rain to start. REALLY!?!?! I am SOOO sick of rain around here! But, we were there, and it's good practice, so off we went. Even though Carlos really doesn't like the rain.

The good news is 12 or 13 miles with just a few twinges. The bad news, my shoes are still wet. Good news no falling in the rain. Bad news, everything thing is wet. Good news, biking in the rain is always good practice - even if it's not fun. And Carlos wasn't too happy - not all of his gears are working, but I will still use him tomorrow.

Oh, and of course, less than 2 hours later, it was sunny and humid. Typical June in DC. Blah! But, I did my packet pick up (with lots of pretty eye candy pro triathletes ;-). Dropped off Carlos on his bike rack, with his new present, and ran into a bunch of DC Tri people.

I am really hoping tomorrow goes well. I NEED a good race!!

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