Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ummm... Should I...

I just got back from a HIP happy hour and I left early to clean my apartment as Mom and Dad are on their way. Instead of cleaning, I am thinking.

See, S (I didn't ask to use her name) asked me if I would ever do another Ironman. This is the first time someone asked me and my first reaction wasn't "NO!!". I thought about it and said I would if I had someone to train with. Well, for some reason I wasn't expecting what she said next - but sure enough, we started talking about 2010.

So now instead of cleaning, I am thinking about another Ironman. The first subject I wrote out for this post was "Ummm... Could I..." but I know I can. I already am an Ironman. But there are a lot of other issues. Would my foot handle another Iroman, my knees, my shoulder, my back? I keep thinking I want to move - but can I keep putting things off for this phantom move?

There is some time. We do need to give it some serious thought... I left with a more than 50% yes - I want to do this again. But, there are a lot of factors.

We shall see...