Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Saturday Night Without Spandex

Last night was one of those really great nights. Good food, drinks and great friends. Tri friends. And a night without Spandex! What a concept!!

We were luckily enough to be friends with Karen and get tickets for Taste of the South. She is on the committee so it worked out pretty well for all of us. It was this awesome black tie event full of swag (I scored some really good stuff!!), delicious food (South Carolina caramel cake - to.die.for) and tons of drinks. Also, they were nice enough to turn the Armory into the South by making it sweltering hot. It really added to the ambiance (and I stole that line from Kimberly).

Oh, and of course there was dancing. Lots of dancing. See, the picture on the right is a bunch of triathletes dancing to the "Love Train". And there was a lot of sweating. And a lot of jokes about triathlon. We quickly realized how dorky we were, but didn't care. There were 14 of us, our own little DC Tri Club Prom - without Spandex.

We clean up pretty well!!!

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