Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Wednesday's Post

(Wednesday, Oct 27th post. It was half written and I knew what I wanted to say - it just took some time to write it out.)

A few things from yesterday...

1. I am now a member of the Capital bike share! Charles got his membership key, and the price goes up after October 31, so I joined too. Even if I don't use it much, I believe in the idea so it was worth the money. The hard part though, is the helmet issue. Sometimes I think it might be easier to hop on a bike and go to my destination, however I don't plan on carrying a helmet with me everywhere I go. This is especially important to me right now as my friend Ryan was hit on Saturday, on MacArthur Blvd, a very bike friendly area we frequent often. No worries, he is okay, just a bit sore and scrapped up.
And there is a large difference between riding and hopping on a capital bike share bike - but there is a common factor, the car. I plan on buying another helmet to keep at work and it may just become part of my work bag. Stylish!!
AND, I kept harping on Charles to get helmet as we debated the pros, cons, data, stats, etc. However, I took a pretty bad tumble a few years back, broke my elbow - after landing on my head. So, it's really a no argument with me. And I am happy to say that Charles is now the proud owner of a nice new blue helmet.

2. Yoga Steve! I am really starting to LOVE Tuesday's. Yoga Steve just puts me in a good mood. I may not be making the progress I would like, but slowly I will get there. After all, what can I really expect since I go once a week.

3. Swimming. Yes I went to yoga, but I also went swimming too. For some reason, I was just in a really good mood - unlike prior swims. The lanes were crowded, due to the Masters team I am apart of but was not swimming with which took up half the pool, but AJ, Toby and I had a really good swim. 3100 meters good!

4. Times, they are changing. I was supposed to go to watch the high heel race, but I knew the week would be busy with little time to workout. And after my wonderful weekend in Minnesota/Wisconsin - I needed the workout. So, I chose to swim instead of drinking, eating and watching the race. Luckily Ang, who was throwing the party, completely understood, as she is also a triathlete and has been super busy too. It really helps when friends are so understanding about skipping things for workouts. Especially because that will start happening more and more as I train.

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