Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Review Part 1

This weekend was exactly what I needed!!

Friday night, Sandy, Carolina and I headed down to Dewey Beach for some relaxing time. Plenty of fun stories, most not appropriate for the blog, followed by an amazing dinner in Rehobeth. That got us to our house a bit late and it was apparently an early night as the house was silent when we arrived.

After the bikers headed out, it just left Sandy, Carolina and I in the house. We headed out and Sandy and Carolina went for a run, and I went in search of coffee. It was so quiet and peaceful and I just enjoyed strolling around the streets of Dewey. Once I found an iced latte, off to the beach I went.

I took my shoes off, had my coffee, iPod, and just walked. It was wonderful. Watching the waves, dogs play in the water, oh - it was just perfect.

Some time later, Carolina and I met at the house and headed back to the beach as Sandy finished her long run. Caro and I were only out for maybe 90 minutes but I got FRIED on my back. It was Sandy's bday weekend celebration, so we met her back at the house to celebrate in style.

This was followed by a beach style lunch and a few beers. Finally, we headed back to the house and the century riders finally started trickling in. C and R did a great job with the house, BBQ, food picks, and everything else.

Overall, I think everyone had a great ride, run, or relaxing day. And I was very happy to not be on my bike :-)

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