Friday, October 8, 2010

Stupid Pink Cap Man!!

I hate stupid, rude people. Really, I do - they just put me in a bad mood.

Last night was going to be my first masters swim practice - which AJ had me join in May, as our CUA club swims would be over. I thought it was a great idea so last night was going to be the night I started. But, Toby and Jen wanted to swim too, and they are not part of the Masters team (which takes up 4 of the 8 lanes at Wilson pool), so we hopped into a different lane and got started.

Right around 7:10, this a-hole guy jumps into the lane and start steam rolling over everyone. And yes, he was wearing a bright pink swim cap (and no, it wasn't Jimmy) and will be called Pink Cap Man (PCM). He just made everyone uneasy and put me in a cranky mood - considering we were having a good time swimming (compared to my attitude on Monday) this pissed me off even more. About 2000 meters in, I got a wicked cramp in my right foot. PCM did another unnecessary splashy flip turn, and that was it. It was either punch him in the face or get out. So I hopped into the hot tub where I ran into a few tri club people.

When Toby, AJ, and Jen joined me in the hot tub, they said that PCM tried to chat them up and be nice. Whatever. PCM, I hope I never see you again!

Now, I am just waiting for the hours to tick away until I can meet up with Sandy and Carolina to head down to Dewey beach. While others are doing a century ride, I will relax and enjoy the beach.

And Sunday, Sandy, Carolina, Lindsey and I are off to nowhere PA for our little 3.15 of "hellis miles". For some reason, back in July, I thought this was a good idea...

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