Friday, October 22, 2010

M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A! Minnesota! Minnesota! Yay, Gophers!

I am heading back to Minnesota for the weekend and couldn't be more excited. Here are some reasons why
  1. No RACING!!! This is a pure long weekend vacation.
  2. I am going to visit my friend Erica, her husband Chris and their dog Chief (I think that's his name)
  3. We are going to the Minnesota/Penn State game. The Gophers got a new outdoor stadium last year and have really wanted to go back to see a game. They may not be the best football team, especially after firing their coach mid-season, but rumor has it that Penn State isn't too great either. Should be a fun game!
  4. BIG 10 SUBS!! (Which really, is the number 1 thing I am excited about.) This place started my sandwich obsession. When I was in high school and Arin (my brother) was at the U, I would make him bring me home a sub every time he came back. It's really the reason I went to school there.
  5. I need a new Minnesota sweatshirt. And hat. And maybe mittens.

I am just really excited to go back, have a relaxing weekend with a great friend, cheer on a horribly team that I love dearly, eat good food I have missed, and have a few drinks.

Sounds like the perfect weekend, doesn't it??? TONS of pictures of me in maroon and gold to come!! And if I am really lucky, maybe one with this guy!

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