Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where's Amanda?

Ummm... That's a great question. Really, I don't know. I don't fully know where the time has gone, but I know a lot of it does not have to do with working out :-(

2 weeks ago - work was mass chaos.
Last week I was in WEST Des Moines, Iowa (NOT Des Moines - there is a difference) for work.
This coming Friday, I am moving to Brooke's condo.
Next Tuesday I head to Atlanta for work.

If anyone can make more time - that would be great.

But, the best part of my Iowa trip - the Iowa State Fair. I ate as much as I could on a stick.
I missed taking a picture of the block of mozzarella on a stick.

I didn't have enough room for the pinnaple on a stick or the fried oreo on a stick. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the middle one isn't a squirrel.

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

Ha Ha. It's a pork chop on a stick! Apparently very tender