Monday, September 5, 2011


Hi All 9 of you! Or am I at 10 now... :-)

I wish I had something fun to blog about, but not so much. It's been pretty uneventful. Yesterday I got my last week of workouts from Coach and started crying. I wish I had more time, I wish I was faster, but I am also happy to be done. Whoever has my voodoo doll moved the pin from the right side to the left side. So being done with training hopefully means a full recovery.

And I spent today doing my last bike ride in the city. And I started to pack. If you look closely, you will see each bag has a list with check boxes safety pinned to the bag with its contents. There will be 10 bags - Swim, Swim Extra, Swim to Bike, On Bike, Bike Special Needs, Bike Extra, Bike to Run, Run Extra, Run Special Needs, and Extra. It's the only way I feel confident that I have everything. Or know what I need to keep looking for - like my watch...

I also went for an uneventful swim at an over crowded Wilson pool (PS. Just because you swim with fins does not mean you should swim in the fast lane).

This was followed by a quick dinner with Sandy to discuss our excitement for Moo. And more packing...

See, not very exciting. Just getting ready. So ready!


Anonymous said...

Your bags are so much prettier than mine. My bags are giant Ziploc bags and I have been packing and repacking them for about 2 weeks!

I am glad your pain has moved -- that means that it is getting better, right?

Happy taper and happy packing!


fedi b said...