Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Working Out

I am still even getting up at 5:30 to bike. See, that is a picture of the sunrise I took this morning. Beautiful, but EARLY!
Anyway, it was worth it and I was pleasantly surprised to see Karen and Kimberly there. But I was even more surprised with Mary Elizabeth rolled up.
ME and I rolled out first and as we were finishing our first lap, Karen says "come on, interval for 5 minutes".
Me to ME - "Want to?"
ME to me - "Can you?"
Me to ME - "Won't know unless I try"

And off the 4 of us went for a 5 minute interval. I kept up with K squared for about 4 minutes, and I was happy with that fact.
On the third loop (K squared was long gone), ME and I did more more interval set.
Pain free - no.
Progress - yes.
Walking after - we aren't going to talk about it...

But, later in the evening, I had workout number 2 - a swim. And this 2000 meter swim was with 2 IRONMEN - Karen and Janie. AND this was the best swim I have had in weeks. I am not sure why, but I felt so great in the water. Good stroke, proper body position, and felt very comfortable. And the best part, NO PAIN (mostly). YAY!

Tomorrow, PT and if I'm allowed - maybe even a RUN/WALK! Maybe...

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Jani said...

Good to know your dedication....and nice pic. :D