Sunday, October 11, 2009


For some reason, I was really tried today!

It might have been getting up really early to volunteer at the Bike for the Heart event. Maybe it was all the late nights this week. Maybe it was all the eating out. Who knows, but I was ready to fall asleep at the bar! And it was during the early games!!!

I met Mary Elizabeth and K after my volunteering for some lunch, miller light, and football (Giants). After about 3 diet cokes, I wasn't waking up, so I left a tad after half time.

My swim stuff was in the car as I was hoping to get one more swim in at Hains Point before they closed (and yes, I know swimming might be causing some of my problems, however my PT said I could swim). So I dragged my tired butt to the pool, only to see this sign.

And yes, it was Sunday, Oct. 11.

Nice. Really nice.

So I went home. It was a good choice.

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