Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stupid Stupid Blue Cross

I made another PT session for the morning. It was a rough night with stabbing jabbing pains every time I moved. Luckily, there was an 8:30 am appointment and my PT spent 45 minutes (vs. the normal 30 minutes) trying to figure out what was triggering my spasms. Of course it was in a different place than the spasms a few weeks ago. And instead of fascinating today, it was "Interesting".

It was feeling a bit better, then much MUCH worse. I had some Celebrex samples from one of my doctors visits and they seemed to work last time. So, I called, he filled the prescription, and I started taking my last set of samples. No need to ration when you have a prescription waiting for you, right...

Wrong. Stupid Blue Cross Blue Shield. And CVS. I go to pick up my prescription and apparently BCBS won't pay. There was a note and the pharmacy tech looked at me like I was nuts for not knowing. "Didn't someone call you?" Um, nnnnooooo!!! No one called me... She said they 'faxed' my doctor to call BCBS. Bbbbbooooo!!!!!! No drugs. No helpful drugs that make the back pain slightly better.
So I spent the evening sitting with a heating pad. There was nothing I could do tonight. I found all of this out at 6:30. My doctor's office closed at 4. BCBS closed at 6. All I can hope is that things get sorted out sooner than later. And sooner - before Bermuda. If not, I am tempted to pay the $175 out of pocket. Which I think is ridiculous... but I am fortunate enough to be able to pay without too much of an issue.

But still.. I know what the real meaning of BS means in BCBS...

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