Sunday, November 15, 2009


We met on a cool Saturday morning. The mist/rain didn't seem too bad and we all showed up at our meeting spot. I believe there were 7 of us, many speeds and abilities, but all ready for a good ride. Followed by lunch. Followed by shopping. A pretty good Saturday if you ask me.

Anyway, we clipped in and it was pretty cold as we made our way up MacArthur. As we started up the hill, one by one those that were behind me passed. I am really not good at hills.

After what seemed like 20 minutes, I made it to the top with everyone else. We were chatting, had a snack, discussed the remainder of the route and breaking up into 2 groups. Then the following conversation

JN - "SB - how did you get mud on the top of your helmet?"
SB - "I don't know"
JN - "It looks like poop"
SB - "Eww"
JN takes the helmet touches the mud, smells it and says "Oh, that is poop"
SB - throws it off and says "GROSS, how do you know?"
JN - "Oh, I smelled it".
The rest of us "Blah" and bust out in hysterical laughter. I managed to get this quick pic of SB trying to get the poop off of her helmet with a leaf. Too.Funny - because it didn't happen to me. :-)

Lunch. So good.
Shopping. Even better.

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