Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ride Fail. Again

But this time, not because of my tire.

I was meeting Tammy down by Peirce Mill and after she figured out the challenges of driving through Rock Creek Parkway, we were on our way to meet Shannon. She was waiting for us right where Beach Drive is closed to traffic - it makes a great place to do some biking and running without cars.

So I see Shannon, I clip out on my right side, put my foot down and it kept going. I just totally slid out and down I went. Hard. And because I clipped out my body had the chance to go every which way. And it did. I scrapped up my right elbow, am already bruising on my right hip, scraped up my right shoe - but that's not the worst part. My left leg was already clipped out so I completely stretched out my left hip, as Blain jabbed into my left inner thigh. Not Good.

Both Tammy and Shannon were trying not to laugh, but it I would have laughed, so I understood. I just fell over, even thought I was clipped out. It's funny.

I got up, and we took off. Right away, I knew something wasn't right. Blain seemed fine, but my left hip was not. I tried to stretch out while biking, but wasn't having much luck. We continued on, Tammy and I were talking and made it up to the top of the incline, I turned around and no Shannon. She texted me that she was having a front tire issue, so Tammy and I went back to help her out.

About this time, I realized this ride was doomed and maybe we should call it a day and go to brunch. Shannon already had 20+ miles in, Tammy could to meet others to ride, I could take some drugs and stretch. So we called it and Shannon and I went to brunch.

She also gave me a ride home because 1. I had a hard time getting off my bike, as I couldn't swing my leg around 2. I can't rotate my hip completely and 3. it just hurts sitting.


But brunch was good!!

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