Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where's Blain???

Tomorrow I head to Myrtle Beach!! It's the National Club Championship and DC Tri Club is ready to come back in FIRST PLACE!!

My original plan was to swim in a relay. A simple 1000 meters. Then I found out the relays don't count for points. And there wasn't anyone signed up for the AquaVelo as an Athena. My thought was: that's too bad... Then Angela had a plan - have Steve swim the relay, I do the AV as an Athena, and I get the club 11 points. First place out of 1!!

I am a sucker. I am stupid. I said yes.

So now, Blain is packed in the car. Do you see him??? I was also in charge of picking up snacks for the post race club picnic - to celebrate our FIRST PLACE - due to my 11 points. Or that better be how Saturday goes...

But now I have to go pack. As I still need a wet suit and bike stuff...

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