Monday, September 6, 2010

A Solution?

I sure hope so!!

Yesterday I headed to Conte's to try and find a solution to my wheel, flat issue. Unfortunately, they were closed as the store was sponsoring a 100 mile mountain bike race. So, I tried again today.

But first, I had a lovely morning with Kristin at the driving range. It was a really beautiful day and so nice to be outside, but not swimming/biking/or running. My back has been acting up, which started about half way through my Colorado trip, so I as a bit concerned. However, it actually felt pretty good and almost like a really good stretch. This was followed by a wonderful sandwich.

Once all this was done, I was off to Conte's. I have to say, this is the first time I was really disappointed in the service. The people I usually work with were not at the store and the person I did work with, I was not impressed with. He didn't really listen, asked questions that I found insulting, and the worse offense - he didn't even offer to look at the wheel/tire. This was my 3rd time at the store in 2 months in regards to flat tires. LOOK AT THE TIRE!!

My frustration level was very high and Tammy was on her way to the Arlington store. I had her call me with who was working and if it was worth it for me to go. Luckily, the manager and owner were there, so I went over. And confirmed my love for them. The manager talked me through what the problems could be, including just bad luck, and not once made me feel like an idiot. He took the bike and within 5 minutes, found the (potential) issue.

See the holes around the wheel, where the spokes connect? There is something called rim tape that goes around the wheel to cover the holes. Apparently, somehow, it had shifted over and the tubes were probably getting sucked into the holes and popping, causing the flats. That would explain why they were happening every 50-60 miles (vs. right after each other).

My response, "Jason, can I hug you?" I gave him a hug, someone fixed my rim tape, I bought a lot of C02 and tubes (as I have to pay back Tammy, Shannon and Emily), headed over to Harris Teeter and bought the store cookies. A huge thanks to Jason and Conte's Arlington for (hopefully) solving my flat issues. And to Scott the owner who was very concerned with my Bethesda experience and seemed to really appreciate my understanding that these things happen.

This was followed up by a celebration nap at Tammy's and dinner at Karen's.

Happy Labor Day and hopefully a solution to my flat tire issues!

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