Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a week!

And it has nothing to do with training.

I have been in Atlanta since Monday afternoon. I pushed off a meeting until Friday so I could sign up for Ironman Wisconsin and immediately flew down to the ATL. So, after I tried to get a few more friends in (aka I was running very VERY late) I headed down south. Luckily, I was at a great hotel with a fantastic roof top bar :-)

On Tuesday, I realized I only received 1 conformation, not 2 as Adam S received, and proceeded to panic that I didn't get in and was going to have to figure something out for Wednesday - when they were re-opening the registration. After multiple emails to Ironman dot com, a few phone calls to active dot com, and a check in my spam folder (thanks again Adam S!!!) I confirmed I was in!

So on Wednesday after lunch, I spent the afternoon of the conference quickly using up my iPhone battery as I check if my friends were getting in. Sandy, Lindsey, Tammy, Jenny, Emily, and Mimi (and I am sure a few more, but can't remember right now) all got in. My poor co-workers kept having to "Shh" me everything I got an e-mail or text that someone else was in, I did a little cheer. Of course, I had to celebrate (almost) everyone getting in. And some great news about my mom.

My presentation was Thursday, and it could have gone worse - so of course there were celebratory drinks after. Another meeting on Friday, and I was picked up my Sarah and Jason to spend the weekend.

So basically what I am saying is that I haven't worked out since my failed attempt on Saturday. And yes, please don't remind me that I have a little 114.2 mile 'race' on Saturday. I am very much aware, thank you very much.

I did mange to talk Sarah into going on a hike with me today. Where can you hike in Atlanta might you ask? Well, Stone Mountain Park!

And no, we didn't take tram, we hiked up. All 825+ feet. Starting at 1:15 pm. When it was 92 degrees. Yup, that was smart. Bike 90+ miles, sure. Hike straight up a granite mountain, not so much. Good times! At least it was some type of activity that didn't involve sitting in a conference, getting yelled at by people in a conference, eating out with other people at a conference, or drinking trying to forget you were at a conference.

And do I get to go home tomorrow? Nope. I am off to Alabama for 2 days.

Yup - I am really good at planning things before events...

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