Saturday, January 2, 2010

27 and 1500

FIRST POST OF 2010! WOOT!! And it's actually about working out :-)

What do the 2 numbers in my subject line have in common?? What I did this morning.

27 - degrees. Without wind chill. Oh, and it was 8:30 am. But that is what Marcus said this morning as I headed to Iwo Jima Memorial to meet up with Brooke, Mary Elizabeth, Diane and Karen.

Bundled up, (wearing a lot more than these guys) we broke off and headed out. I stared with Diane and did a a run/walk (1:1) and did pretty good. Diane on the other hand I don't think wasn't overly happy with me as I had her go across Memorial Bridge. It was WINDY up there! And pretty windy the entire way back.

But, it felt okay. A slow (and a smidge under) 3 miles, but considering I don't think I have 'ran' since Augusta - I was really happy. So far, my foot is okay. My knees are okay. My back is okay. Hopefully all that will stay that way for awhile...

And of course we headed for something to warm up. And nothing goes better with coffee than a bagel.

But, it is the new year, so I felt the need to do more - just like everyone else. I called Bri and we headed to the pool. Just like everyone else. The pool was N.U.T.S!! Once the masters group got out, it was a tad better, but around 1000 meters, we were on our last nerve. People swimming down the middle of the lane. Oh wait, not swimming, more floating on their back - kind of kicking. In the MEDIUM lane! Wrong.Wrong.Wrong. So we just couldn't take it anymore and hopped out.

But, all of this working out lead to a delicious Z Burger and shake (strawberry orange).

Good thing I have a 3 hours spin class tomorrow to make up for all my rewards.

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Anonymous said...

Good start to the New Year. Hope the pains are left in 2009 and 2010 is healthy and happy.