Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Great

I had to go to the gym yesterday, as much as I didn't feel like going. And I am glad I did. It really did help clear my mind from a stupid work issue.

30 minutes on the stair master. This may not sound like a lot, but it was about 100 flights of stairs! And my HR really got up there. Boring, yes. Burned some calories, yes. So overall, I was happy with it.

But I decided I also need to start doing some weights. I really haven't done weights - well, ever. So I started with the assisted pull up machine (which I have attempted before). It was at the end of the lunch rush, so not many people - thank heavens!! Boy, I have no upper body strength AT ALL! I mean I know I am carrying a few (okay, a lot) extra pounds, but still. Embarrassing.

It's just something I want to work on. And even thought I didn't do many, and had a lot of assistance, I totally feel it today, which is a good thing.

I couldn't get out of bed to meet Bri at the pool and tonight is our holiday party for the tri club... But I will make it tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mandy - It was a good day - quiet but busy doing errands before the big storm - Love, Mom

Charles said...

fwiw, don't feel too discouraged using the assisted pull-up machine. i too have NO upper-body strength AT ALL, and i require a LOT of weight on the machine to off-set what my arms can't pull. ;-)

you can also set a chair underneath a regular pull-up bar. put one or both feet on the back of the chair to take off some of the weight.

pull-ups require a lot of muscles we don't use often, and are really good for engaging your back, core, and biceps. the key is practice: get your muscles used to holding yourself up a little bit at a time =)