Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Labor Unions on Strike

Today was a pretty busy day at work, but I found time to e-mail with Karen in regards to this seasons race schedule. Mainly about the National Club Championship in Myrtle Beach. See, normally we send 4 speedy club people and place 3rd or 4th - with 4 people. They are that fast. Well this year, because it's an east coast race, the club wants to WIN. Not only will we have speedy people to get us lots of points, they were will be people - and we get points too.

However, I am not sure how my body will be doing that first weekend in October. And it's the week after the Chesapeake man aqua velo (which I am about 85% sure I will be doing). Sooo... that leaves a big "what race do I do". And I am excited because Athena's get points - not just age groupers - so my changes of getting a few more points for the club go up a smidge.

Karen's response made me spit out my water.

"if your feet weren't little labor unions on strike against the management (aka, running) i'd suggest the oly. but. hm. what about the sprint?"

I don't know why - she just has a way with words.

Thanks Karen

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Nat said...

Hi, I ran across your blog when I goggled for ironman wisconsin info! I am hoping to finish this fall in Wisconsin - any advice/tips? We are just starting with base training - one month in and I'm pooped already! :)