Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuesday, December 15

Tuesday's Post

Two days in a row of swimming :-)

Monday was just AJ and I.
My back was feeling a lot better and I think I cranked out 2400-2500 meters. For the most part it went okay, that was until 2 d-bag guys jumped in. One guy was really fast. The other, thought he was as fast. Not.So.Much.
At one point we were doing a 300 straight and he pushed off right as I hit the wall. I hit his feet by the time I finished my glide from my turn (and not a flip turn - I miss those). It was supposed to be an 'easy' 300 - but I went a tad harder, just so I could pass him. And pass him I did. HA! At some point on the wall I heard him talking about Nations tri and how awesome he did. Whatever. I just really hope he isn't part of DC Tri. I don't want people like that on our club.

Tuesday was a bit disappointing.
Both AJ and Bri got stuck at work, but I still went and got to the pool about 6:30. Unfortunately, lanes 1-2 were filled with a water jogging/aerobics class. At 7, the masters team got there and took over lanes 5-8. That left lanes 3 and 4 for everyone else. BOO!!!
10 people in a 50 meter lane is still too much. I wasn't fast enough to be with the speedy people but everyone else in my lane was swimming with their head out of the water. And as soon as the pusher got in (a guy who you just really want to pull aside and ask he wants some tips. He doesn't really lift his arms out of the water, just kind of pushes through the water and creates a ton of waves/splashing in the process), I hopped out.
1700, 5 minutes of treading (returning to my water polo roots), 10 minutes in the hydrotherapy - good enough for me.

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