Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Benched

For 2 days.

When I woke up with knee pain, I knew this wasn't a good situation. So I e-mailed Coach for advise on what to do.

Ice, anti-inflammatories, and stay off it for at least 2 days. Then I can swim. If it still hurts, or starts to hurt more when I walk, off to PT I go.

So I am sitting at my desk. Not sure what to do with myself as it is lunch - and I had planned on sitting on a stationary bike for 40 minutes.

Woe is me.

Oh, and Coach ended the e-mail with "Stay off it as best you can during the day. No dancing at night :)" It made me laugh, instead of cry out of frustration that this happening.

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Crystal Pariseau said...

Sorry to hear you're benched. Check out Evan's blog while you're just hanging - he's made a special video just for you!!!