Monday, March 14, 2011

Starting Somewhere

Monday's Post

I am starting, yet again. And it felt good.

This weekend was a bit up and down. Saturday was filled with major Marcus drama (Marcus is my car, in case you forgot) and spending A LOT of money.
This was followed by renewing my love for Contes - as they saved me $200 by not getting new shoes and just put them in some contraption that made room for my bunion. See how it sticks out on the inside part - AMAZING! And that savings was need after the car...
Anyway, the day got even better when Sandy met me at Conte's and after the shopping, we went to a little cafe to split a bacon, cheddar scone. And each had a glass of Cava. Such a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
This was followed by the best news ever that Jersey Sarah is moving from San Francisco to Arlington!! Hi Jersey Sarah! (PS. Jersey Sarah hates that name. I met her in Ireland, and when I moved to DC, she lived in Jersey (hence the name Jersey Sarah) but then moved to Philly, followed by Seattle, then San Fran - but the name stuck).
So, Saturday started off really crappy, but turned out great.

Sunday - well, day light savings time and forgetting to change the clock means late for spin class. Oops. But it turned out okay because I wasn't going to make it the entire 4 hours - yes, they are crazy and did 4 hours. I biked for an hour, did my exercises, and tried water jogging. Then swam 1600. Oh, and of course brunch. Now don't be shocked, because I know you will be, but I skipped the unlimited mimosas. And I switched my potatoes for fruit. Go me!

Monday - Coach and I chatted (via email) and I could run 5 minutes, water jog 25, and swim 4x400. So that is what I did, and it was great. To be perfectly honest, 2 minutes into the run, I did feel the knee pain, but it was gone by minute 3 and felt no discomfort for the last 2. Woot!

So, I am feeling better. I have a lot of support and really good advise from everyone. Lots of people understanding my frustration, and letting me be frustrated. Thanks to you all!


Carolina said...

I didn't think your Saturday morning was that bad - you did get to see and be licked by Ninja! :)

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see you more often, it is a highlight of the move. Thanks for meeting us in Alexandria Satruday for dinner.