Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, OOOHHHHHHH Sunday

Talk about a day of good intentions...

Even though it wasn't as warm as it was on Saturday, I was allowed to ride outside and super excited. I slept in a bit and waited until it warmed up a tad. Blain was cleaned, greased up, and ready to go. Or so I thought.

My Cateye wasn't working so I tried to change the battery. This lead to me breaking off the sensor from the bracket. Fail.
I then tore my apartment apartment looking for my Garmin, which I have yet to find. Fail.
This was followed by trying to flip out my yellow lenses for grey in my Nike sunglasses - which broke. Again, fail.

So, with some serious thought if this ride was meant to be, I posted on Facebook about my issues. To my delight, Alejandro commented that he was on his way for a ride. So, he said he would slow down and I said I would go to Hains Point (and not Beach drive).

I got there and saw Steve, Ron, Courtney, Hillary, Mark, and a few others. It was awesome! We all stood around in our spandex chatting about biking. Once Alejandro got there, those of us just starting our rides took off. It was a bit colder than expected, but not too bad.

Alejandro and I were chatting away. Talked about our weekends. Talked about training. But you know what we didn't talk about OUR ROUTE! Hains Point has a "long loop" the green and red line, or the "small loop" just the green line. Alejandro thought we were doing short loops, I thought we were doing long loops. Yup - Fail.
See, Alejandro was the orange line, and I was the purple line. I went straight, Alejandro turned into me, or more accurately my left foot. We managed to stay on our bikes (thank you very much power balance band!) but Alejandro's bike did not sound right. Sure enough, his wheel was out of true and unrideable. Well, he was able to ride it back to my car so I could drive him to Conte's.
(But, Alejandro did make it to Conte's later and they were able to fix his wheel. Thank goodness!! Again, Alejandro - I am so sorry!!!)

So I dropped Alejandro off at his place, apologized profusely, and tried to figure out what to do.

I went back to Hains Point to prove to the biking gods that I would get in my ride. As I was getting ready, again, Brian was just finishing his run. I LOVE seeing people at the pool, out biking, our running - it makes me so happy! Anyway, as I was filling him in on the morning, I realized I could not find my right bike glove. I had it earlier, but no more... Once again, FAIL!

But, I still rode. Since I had no bike computer or Garmin, I have no idea how far I went or how fast/slow it was - but it was and with a day like that, it was all that mattered.

Oh, and the knee felt pretty good!!! So that was a super bonus.

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IronMin said...

Good for you for getting out there! A few "fails" on my way out the door and I totally talk myself into not going. Great job...great ride!